What I Learned from Disease


I chose to be born with disease.
It means I was born with hope.
When I feel my soul, I am full of spirit.
And that is my hope itself.

(when he was 9 yrs.)



The reason why I was born with disease?
It’s to be happy … more than ever.
I cried a lot when I was a baby,
and it was prayer to the Great Spirit.
I couldn’t talk in words then,
so while crying I ask the Great Spirit
“Let me grow. I want to be a big boy”.
My prayer was kindly heard and I am grown now.
You said you were sad when I cried,
and thought I was a poor baby,
but it was nothing to be sad about, mom.

(6 yrs.)



When I was in your tummy, I allowed my heart beat fast,
because I thought it would be more interesting.
When I came out from your tummy, the Great Spirit told me
“Go out right now or you won’t be grow”
And I was pulled out just like that, so I was not scared, with no pain.
I did not suppose I would get lung disease,
but about asthma, I chose to get it, for it is interesting to heal it.
Sorry for you, mom.

(4 yrs.)


When a baby is sick, the Great Spirit tells the family
“There is no pain without pleasure”
So you don’t have to worry.
You have been all right and you will always be all right.
The family with a baby is sure to have pleasure.
Or rather, every living thing is sure to have pleasure.

(9 yrs.)



Look, mom, how beautiful!
The houses are twinkling with light.
Oh, I like seeing the night view.
We saw the town twinkling from the hospital window, didn’t we?
I remember you cheered me up, saying
“You will get better soon, and we will go on a picnic”
Seeing the twinkling light lightens me up,
and my heart also starts twinkling gently with love.
Thank you, mom, for taking care of me so far.

(9 yrs.)



Most babies decide by themselves
who to be their mom, how to be their body and character,
before coming into their mom’s tummy.
I was born with disease in order to cheer up
children and moms in the same situation.
So, you can tell my words to everyone, mom.

(9 yrs.)



I am happy because I was born with disease.
I can tell the words from my soul, because I was born with disease.
Someday I will be Santa Claus
who sends soul-ful happiness to everyone on the Earth.

(9 yrs.)



People get sick for various reasons.
For now, what I can say is that
we often get sick to make ourselves healthier.
When we get sick, old things fly away and new things flow in.
I think, people who are seriously ill
might have to put up with hard treatment,
but through it they learn something very valuable

(9 yrs.)



I love myself.
I love my body.
I say thank you to my body.

(8 yrs.)