The World Before Birth


Before my birth,
I had a mission to carry the Sun of Happiness.
The Great Spirit asked me to help him.
I said “Sure!” and worked a lot,
so I am full of health now.
Even when I get sick, sometimes,
I am always full of health,
and that’s because I’ve worked a lot then!

I was carrying the Sun of Happiness,
the Moon of Happiness, and the Stars of Happiness
for mom, dad, and for all grown-ups on the Earth.
So were all babies.      

(When he was 6 yrs.)



After traveling around the starry Space,
I went to the Cloud world.
On the cloud, I saw the Great Spirit.
He was a very old man with no beard.
From there, I showered rain on the Earth.
I was very good at that.

(4 yrs.)



Babies before their birth maintain the Earth seen with their soul’s eyes.
Babies to be born soon asks yet unborn babies
“Maintain the Earth seen with your soul’s eyes.”
And after his birth, he maintains the Earth seen with their body’s eyes.

When I was a baby in the world before birth,
I maintained the Earth seen with my soul’ s eyes.
After my birth, I maintain the Earth seen with my body’s eyes.
Of course I do the same to the Earth seen with my soul’s eyes, too.
I maintain the Earth.
I help the Earth become larger and larger.
Dad gave me lots of power so that I can complete the mission.

(6 yrs.)



From the Cloud world, I looked down the Earth.
I was watching young girls and boys, wondering
“Who will be kind to me?”
And I decided to come to you, mommy.
I chose you because I was sure that you understand my soul story.

(4 yrs. add 9 yrs.)



From the Cloud world, I watched down very carefully.
Right away I chose my parents.
I said to the Great Spirit, “I want to be their son”,
and the Great Spirit said to me,
“Once you decide, you can’t change it. Are you really sure?”
So I replied, “I don’t have any other choice. I want to be their son”
When I spun my fingers around, a giddy spiral came out.
It became thinner and thinner, longer and longer,
finally it became as small as a grain of rice and sparked like a flash.
In the next instant, I found myself in your tummy, mom.
As soon as I decided to come into your tummy, I was there.

(9 yrs.)



Before my birth, I was baby ninja and very strong.
I threw ninja stars to fifty-one enemies to beat them.
I made sure there was nothing wrong with you anymore.
And then, I came into your tummy, mom.
I was protecting you, just like a straw man.
You know, even now, I keep protecting you.

(4 yrs.)



To come down to your tummy, I climbed aboard a piece of Cloud.
When I entered in your tummy, the Cloud went up to heaven
and melted away into the Cloud of heaven.

(5 yrs.)



Before my birth, I had my own wings.
When I came down on to the Earth,
my wings fell down and came back to the Cloud world.
But instead, I have these new wings growing anew.

(8 yrs.)



Before my birth, the Great Spirit said to me
“You should grow up a lot
He gave me a medal that is golden and round.
And on it, it says “Do your best, Rio”
I touched it and found it cool.

(4 yrs.)



In fact, I should have waited the other children to come.
But I simply couldn’t wait and came here early.
That means I came from the world of tomorrow.

(5 yrs.)